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United Airlines Reservations is known for the safe and dependable service we’ve provided for our customers. This promise to better service is reflected in our record for on time performance and passenger comfort. Uniform business class service and well-situated flight schedules round out our reputation as a top performer.

Our full fleet of aircraft features standup headroom, convenient in cabin storage and plush leather seating. Our aim is to offer clients with a warm and inviting atmosphere not unlike that of a private club.

We invest a best deal of time and attention in recruiting and training pilots, maintenance technicians, ground support personnel and administrative employees. The result is a staff dedicated to delivering the finest travel experience possible, one customer at a time.


Scheduled Flights

United Airlines Reservations operates precise daily scheduled flights to USA. Included on the flight routes are the game park stops which are operated on demand subject to bookings.


United Airlines Reservations so has ready its charter service with team familiar and relaxed with these places, giving our customers the confidence of being in the hands of knowledgeable professionals.

Courier Services

United Airline Reservation does carry out trustworthy and very rapid courier services. We are certainly the favorite link for all major International couriers on our scheduled flight routes because of the importance we attach to enhancing their reliability and reputations.

We transport mail, parcels and medium sized crates subject to permissible goods regulations. Our courier section can also handle cash-in-transit under watchfully arranged situations.

Consultants on Regional Aviation

United Airlines Reservations is your greatest source of information on both local and international aviation in the region. We keep an ever-updated database on all aspects of the industry, which equips our employees with the capability to handle most inquiries authoritatively. United Airline Reservation takes pride in being capable to source, verify and divulge the most complete aviation information on the regional scene with high level of accuracy and dependability on a current basis. This makes us invariably the most excellent answer to your consultancy needs. We are indeed recognized for our input on a number of projects on the consultation level.

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